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Why are the Illuminatural 6i and Caspah Better than Salon Procedures?

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Let's talk about the two most common cosmetic products that are popular among many people around the world: Illuminatural 6i and Caspah.


The main difference between the cream and the beauty salon bleaching procedure of the anus is the affordable price. To achieve a visible result of the laser beam, you need to perform 2-4 sessions. And the cost of one procedure can reach about 80-100 dollars. Accordingly, to obtain a qualitative result, on average, it will be necessary to spend 300 dollars. The cost of one tube of bleaching cream Illuminatural 6i or Caspah does not exceed 40 dollars.


The next advantage of cosmetic products over laser therapy is the prolonged preservation of a positive result. The composition of the creams includes herbal ingredients that penetrate deeply into the structure of the dermis and ensure the best result of bleaching the darkened areas.


Its natural composition is worthwhile along with the effectiveness and the democratic price of bleaching products. Components do not cause negative side effects, as well as allergic reactions. It’s very easy to use during the daily application of a bleaching remedy to the anus skin. The cream is perfectly absorbed by the skin, leaving no stains on the underwear.


Finally, I want to say that bleaching the anus with Illuminatural 6i or Caspah does not cause uncomfortable sensations and pain, as it happens when performing laser therapy. Give preference to safety and efficacy when choosing the method of lightening pigment spots on the skin and this can be provided 100% by Illuminatural 6i and Caspah creams.


How Long Will It Take to Obtain Positive Results from Using the Cream?


Illuminatural 6i


With the regular application of cosmetic solutions on a natural basis, the first results will be noticeable after 30 days. To completely get rid of the darkened areas of the dermis around the anus, you should extend the use of Illuminatural 6i or Caspah for up to three months.


Warranty and Delivery


If you are one of those people, who want to lighten the skin of the anus, then we recommend buying an effective cream like Illuminatural 6i or Caspah. If you purchase products on the official website of the manufacturer, you get a guarantee that you will receive the original product at an affordable price. Delivery of the goods is carried out in any region of the world at the earliest possible time.


The natural, light and even skin tone of the intimate zone is a guarantee of self-confidence and your sexual abilities. And this applies not only to the female half but also to men, who are used to being perfect in everything.



Cosmetic creams Illuminatural 6i and Caspah are inexpensive remedies that are able in a relatively short period making the skin lighter around the anus, and it will become attractive and sexy. The use of products does not cause negative side effects. The whole secret of painless and safe bleaching of the dermis is the natural composition of cosmetic products.