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Best Anal Bleaching Creams, that Replace SPA procedures

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anal bleaching


We have already talked about the fact that today there are many ways, in which you can lighten the anus and make the skin of the intimate area attractive and gentle. However, many women are interested in the effectiveness of these methods.


Let's start with home methods of bleaching pigment spots using anal bleaching creams. Many people are attracted by the 100% naturalness and affordability. Also, among those, who want to get rid of pigmentation, there are people, who simply cannot get over themselves and go to the salon. After all, bleaching the anus is a delicate and intimate procedure. That's why most people prefer to use homemade bleaching recipes that do not need the participation of a second person. Despite the naturalness of such anal bleaching way, it will be possible to achieve positive results after a long period. As a rule, it takes at least six months to obtain the results.


Anus bleaching in beauty salon implies the application of special chemical peelings or using laser therapy. It is possible to achieve the desired results much faster with the help of such methods than in the case of folk remedies. However, it is completely unclear how the skin will behave in the laser therapy process. The derma around the anus is tender enough. Therefore it is very easy to damage it with an aggressive laser beam. As for the scrubs and other cosmetics, you cannot reliably know the composition of these products. Perhaps, some components can cause a chemical burn or allergy to a delicate area of the skin. As practice shows, the effectiveness of these methods is in doubt, and the result won’t persist for a long time.


Another common method of bleaching the skin around the anus is the use of special cosmetic products like creams, which contain the most powerful plant components. Give your preference only patented cosmetics, the effectiveness, and safety of which are confirmed by appropriate certificates. Thanks to clinical studies, it becomes clear that the result of the bleaching procedure is maintained for an extended period.



Summarizing all of the above, we can make the following ranking list:


  1. The first place goes to products on a natural basis (cream, serum, etc.), which women use at home (cream type Illuminatural 6i or Caspah);
  2. The second place took procedures, which execute in beauty salon;
  3. And in third place regarding its effectiveness and duration goes to folk (homemade) remedies.