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Treating Low Female Libido with Provestra

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Ladies, bad news: there is no 'little pink pill.' But there is Provestra – a natural women's libido supplement that purports to restore the fire of passion in women regardless of age. And what happens then? Sexual desire, less dryness, easier climaxes and more satisfaction in the bedroom.


That's what we're told. But let’s cut the crap. With so many health supplements endlessly touted online, it’s hard to know what’s true and what’s horse manure. So, what’s the story with Provestra? Does it work? Or are you doomed to further scour the Internet for more so-called women’s libido supplements – or worse, a future of less desire, more dryness and the vomit-inducing dreariness of bad sex?


Let’s look closer at Provestra and see for ourselves.



About the Product



Provestra is a women’s libido product. It’s made by Leading Edge Health – the same company that makes several famous male virility supplements, including VigRX Plus. That’s a good sign because clinical studies done on the latter show it can boost sexual satisfaction by up to 71.43%.


The bigger question now is “Does that DNA translate to Provestra, and make it a product that can help you in the bedroom?”


Provestra is made with natural ingredients.

It’s designed to help address shifting hormones in the female body that can reduce interest in sex and your ability to climax.

We’re told it’s a non-prescription female sex pill, basically – the solution that women need and deserve.



Rating: Excellent


Provestra bonuses



The quick version of Provestra is that it exceeds the hype. It’s a well-established player in ‘female enhancement’ niche and has survived while other products have gone by the wayside. There’s a reason for that – Provestra WORKS. I’ve spoken with countless women who’ve used Provestra and other competing products.


It’s no coincidence that Provestra is always near – or at – the top. Women report more desire with Provestra, along with more comfort and easier climaxes.


That’s a joy if orgasmland has been particularly far away of late. Provestra can certainly get you there.



Why It’s Different



I’m sure you’ve been around the block a few times. So has Provestra – it’s one of the few female virility products worth your money, in my opinion, having seen it help so many women over long enough to see faulty products come and go.


 Provestra works because of its:


    • High-Quality Formula;
    • MUCH Easier Climaxes;
    • Excellent Reputation;
    • Generous 67 Day Guarantee.


It’s also worth mentioning that Provestra comes with Black Cohosh root, which can be helpful if you’re dealing with menopause symptoms.



What I Don’t Like



Provestra is a women’s libido supplement. That means it needs to accumulate in your body to deliver results. While most women report more enjoyment in the bedroom with Provestra within the first month, that is something to consider.


Bear in mind. However, that’s how all supplements work. It’s not a mark against Provestra; it’s just that you may want a women’s natural lubricant if you want instant results.


Also, Provestra is not the cheapest women’s sex supplement.








Provestra wouldn’t be around today without such a winning formula. It’s simply packed with sex-friendly nutrients that help ‘reawaken’ the female sex drive. That means herbals, aphrodisiacs, amino acids and sexual nutrients guaranteed to get you riled up and looking for lovin’.


 The Provestra formula includes:


      • L-Arginine
      • Ginseng
      • Ginkgo Biloba
      • Damiana Leaf
      • Black Cohosh Root
      • Red Raspberry
      • Licorice Root
      • Valerian Root
      • Vitamin C
      • Zinc


Provestra says most women will see results with this formula within 30 days. Having spoken to many women about this, that sounds about right.






You get what you pay for with female libido supplements. Provestra is one of the best, and it costs more as a result. Still, there’s value here.


    • A box of Provestra costs $49.95. When you consider the impact it will have on your relationship and enjoyment of life, that’s nothing short of a steal.

    • Go higher for more value with Provestra. At $119.95, a Three Month Supply is an excellent value and should give you enough time to let this high impact formula go to work. You’ll be thinking about sex all day by the third month – and have a very enjoyable culmination of your desires behind closed doors. That may be the best $120 you’ll ever spend.

    • For the most value, I’d go with a 6 Month Supply. This gets you 6 Months of Provestra, FREE SHIPPING in the continental United States (nice!) and a Free bottle of Vigorelle natural lubricant for women. That’s great because it gives you INSTANT lubrication and enjoyment while you wait for Provestra to deliver its magic.

    • A 6 Month Supply of Provestra costs $224.95 – an EXCELLENT value and small price to pay for six months of less dryness, more desire, easier climaxes and a big smile on your face.







Provestra is guaranteed for 67 days. That gives you 60 days to try the product and seven days to ship it back in the event you don’t fall in love with it. Very few women return the product.






FINALLY! A solution for women to make sex enjoyable. Well not ‘finally’ because it’s been around for years, but Provestra is an undisputed leader in the natural female enhancement and can make for some delightful nights indeed. Why put up with bad sex, or none at all? Don’t go there. A little Provestra and things get sexy.


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