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Types of skin diseases and its causes
Every person's life consists of constant nervous experiences and psychological stresses. In addition to emotional problems, there are physical disorders, which consequences are manifested on the skin. Today we will talk about the most well-known skin diseases, which in case of improper or untimely treatment can provoke the development of severe complications.

Psoriasis is one of the most unpleasant skin diseases. It refers to the category of chronic diseases of the dermis, which accompanied by rashes and peeling. Depending on the degree of psoriasis complexity, it can be affected like a small patch of skin, and even the entire body. Most often, the disease occurs in young people.
Any factors can cause the occurrence of psoriasis:
Hereditary predisposition;
Steady and regular psycho-emotional stresses can provoke an exacerbation of the chronic form of the disease;
Hormonal imbalance (endocrine or reproductive system);
Vitamin deficiency and metabolic processes in the body;
Presence of some types of intestinal infections and parasites (Ascaris, lamblia, beef tapeworm, etc.);
Various viral infections.

Another frequent and severe disease of the dermis is acne. Acne refers to inflammatory skin diseases, which is provoked by bactericidal function and the development of pathogenic microflora.
There are many predecessors, both external and internal, that provoke the development of acne. The most important cause of skin inflammation is hormonal disorders (adolescence, premenstrual imbalance, pregnancy, childbirth, etc.). Nervous experiences, stress, exhaustion also increases the production of sebaceous secretion. As a consequence, the pores are expanding and become clogged with dirt and grease, and then black dots with pimples appear.
To external factors that can cause the development of acne is the use of low-quality cosmetics with a lot of oils and fats. One of the side effects of anabolic drugs is the development of acne. Heredity plays an essential role in the predisposition to acne.

Many people think that cellulite does not belong to the category of diseases of the dermis. There is an erroneous opinion that getting rid of excess weight can get rid of cellulite. However, this is fundamentally not true, because the "orange peel syndrome" on the body is a consequence of the increase in the volume of fat cells and microcirculation of the blood. To solve this problem, one day in the gym will not be enough. It is necessary to take medications measures.
Causes of cellulite can be a variety of factors:
Hormonal disorders that are caused by malfunction of female ovaries;
Thyroid disease and other functional disorders of the endocrine system;
Bad habits, lack of proper and balanced nutrition;
Sedentary life;
Insufficiency of albumin protein in the blood;
Fatigue and stress, as a co-factor.

In the process of development of rosacea, the hair follicles, subcutaneous facial capillaries, and sebaceous glands become damaged. The disease can have several stages, accompanied by persistent erythema of the skin, the appearance of scarlet-red nodes, which in the future are transformed into small pus-filled circuits. Most often, painful rashes appear in the area of the cheeks and nose. Bright red color can be replaced by a cyanotic shade.
The development of rosacea most often impacts women after 30. However, the disease can occur at an earlier age. One of the most common causes of the development of ailment is the incorrect work of the capillaries, which arises as a result of the impaired function of the endocrine system. Failure in the practice of the GI tract can also become a fundamental criterion for the rash of rosacea.
There are some external factors that precede the development of rashes: the abuse of alcohol and low alcohol drinks, unhealthy food, the adverse effects of solar ultraviolet rays, etc. Women who are at the menopause stage may enter the risk zone.

Skin tags
Skin tags (papilloma) are small and unpleasant externally flesh-colored excrescences on the face. Such neoplasms are not malignant, but they bring uncomfortable sensations to a person. Skin tags can appear not only on the front but also in the neck, chest, and armpits.
The onset of skin tags is caused by genetic inheritance and abnormal metabolism. Most often, people with excess weight are vulnerable to the appearance of unpleasant neoplasms.

Herpes is a dangerous viral disease, which makes more than 90% of people around the world to suffer. The virus is integrated into the blood cells at a time when the immune system is weakened. Manifestations of herpes can be not only on the lips but also on other parts of the body (face, stomach, legs, genitals, etc.). The structure of the lesion has a pimply surface with a vast number of small blisters. After a few days, the surface of the affected area is covered with a yellow crust.
The causes of herpes can be a variety of diseases of the human body:
Severe chronic illnesses that destroy the immune system (liver disease, tuberculosis, diabetes, etc.);
A variety of oncological conditions, including the period after chemotherapy;
Violations of the circulatory system;
Incorrect lifestyle.

Furuncle also called a "boil." This is a purulent skin disease, which is triggered by ingestion of golden or white staphylococcus aureus. It is accompanied by an inflammatory process inside the hair follicle and surrounding tissue. Infection penetrates into the human body when the immunity is significantly reduced. As a rule, this happens at the time of any chronic and complex diseases.

Skin aging
The aging of the surface of the dermis can hardly be attributed to the types of inherited diseases. Most likely, this is a predictable biological process that occurs due to age-related changes in the body. However, there are factors that can provoke premature aging:
Improper diet and unhealthy lifestyle;
Use of substandard cosmetics;
Regular harmful effects of sunlight.

One of the most fundamental indicators of age changes on the skin are wrinkles, which have the form of transverse and longitudinal folds. The appearance of wrinkles is directly related to the loss of elasticity, tension, and strength of the dermis. In turn, these manifestations are caused by poor collagen production. The first wrinkles are formed in those places where the maximum muscle activity is observed in the process of experiencing emotions. Typically, this is the forehead, mouth, and the area around the eyes.
Premature appearance of wrinkles on the face and body can be caused by improper nutrition, contaminated and polluted ecology of a region, climatic features, the use of cheap and toxic cosmetics, and uncontrolled weight loss.
Scarring and scars
A scarring or scar is a dense formation on the surface of the skin that occurs as a result of tissue regeneration (healing) after mechanical damage (cut, burn, etc.). Tissue scarring area may become less dense and less noticeable with time. Unlike healthy skin, scars have increased sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation. Hair does not grow in areas of damaged skin so the follicle is completely destroyed and the sweat glands are also not restored.

The main ways of overcoming skin diseases
Each type of infection from the list listed above can be cured with the help of specific pharmaceutical, cosmetic and folk remedies. Let’s consider the most effective methods for eliminating unpleasant viral, infectious and inflammatory diseases.
For the treatment of psoriasis using all kinds of keratoplasty drugs, as well as ointments, creams, and lotions that soften the surface of the dermis. The most effective drugs may be those containing zinc, vitamin D3, tar, Naftalan, etc.
In the process of getting rid of acne, you should temporarily stop using cosmetics. It is best to contact a professional cosmetologist or dermatologist who will perform a face cleaning. The specialist prescribes drugs that help reduce the secretion of the sebaceous gland. With the help of external and internal antibacterial drugs, it is possible to prevent further development of acne and completely remove inflammation.

To get rid of cellulite, first of all, you should normalize your diet. A visit to the gym or swimming pool can have a positive effect on the treatment of the "orange peel syndrome." Special anti-cellulite massage, some cosmetic procedures and products will bring finality in the complete disposal of the disease.
In the treatment of rosacea, a dermatologist must prescribe a topical drug (ointment, cream or gel), which action is aimed at narrowing the walls of the blood vessels. In more advanced stages of the disease, you may need topical drugs that contain metronidazole.
You can get rid of papillomas with the help of special cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations of topical application. However, the most efficient way to eliminate unpleasant neoplasms on the body is cryotherapy.
The treatment of herpes should be approached with particular attention. After all, the virus lives inside the body. And that is why it is necessary to start treatment with antibacterial and antiviral drugs. Elimination of external manifestations of herpes is carried out with the help of drugs on an alcohol basis.
Most often, the appearance and development of furuncles are blocked using topical therapy. Gauze bandage impregnated with an appropriate liquor and imposed on the damaged area. Antibacterial treatment may be necessary in more advanced stages, as well as with regularly recurring relapses.
Getting rid of wrinkles and other signs of aging can be achieved with the help of unique cosmetics, which consist of components that stimulate the production of collagen. Another conventional method of smoothing wrinkles is laser therapy. There are a vast number of various drugs for injection (hyaluronic acid, botox, etc.) that are injected under the skin, thereby temporarily eliminating the signs of aging. The dissolving of scar tissue can be stimulated by local pharmaceutical and cosmetology remedies.

How to achieve maximum results of treatment
You should give preference to drugs on a natural basis without the use of toxic and dangerous additives to get rid of all of the above problems safely. The next condition for effective treatment of skin ailments is maintaining the dosage and the duration of the course. Do not interrupt therapy in the middle of the path, even if the negative manifestations on the skin have disappeared.
Choose only cosmetic products and pharmaceuticals, which belong to world famous manufacturers. Such products have all the necessary certificates obtained during clinical trials.