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The Problem of Hair Growth on the Nipples

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 Disorders of the endocrine system


In the world, there are many abnormal phenomena to which most of us cannot usually react. The hair on the nipples is one of such possible troubles. "Well, what is abnormal here?", - The majority of readers will think. That's right, this is normal for men, but for women, it is an unpleasant problem, which most of them are struggling. According to statistics, every third woman experiences unpleasant and uncomfortable sensations because hair is growing on her nipples.


Hair does not grow on the nipples themselves, but around them on the so-called areola. In this case, the hairs can be blond and hardly noticeable or dark, which further confuses the woman. This small trouble makes the breast unattractive not only for her but also for her partner.


Causes of Hair Growth on the Nipples


Modern medicine qualifies hair growth on the nipples in women by three different factors, which are expressed for the following reasons:


  1. Genetics. At birth, each person already has genetic characteristics that predetermine his future appearance, physique, hair density, etc. All these aspects are passed on to the kid from his parents. Therefore, a few hairs on the breast should not cause resentment. It is quite possible that this is the usual predisposition of genetics.
  2. Hormonal changes in the body are a fairly common cause of hair growth on the woman nipples. Hormonal bursts can occur against the background of the use of medication, as well as at the time of puberty period. Negative deviations in the development and vital activity of the body can also cause hormonal changes. Quite often, women become to have more hair on the breast during pregnancy, when the body functions quite differently. Breast hair can grow not only thicker; the color will change to a darker one. In the case of the pregnancy, experts advise not to take any action to eliminate unwanted hair growth. The problem will gradually pass by itself after the woman gives birth.
  3. Disorders of the endocrine system. One of the first signs of improper functioning of the thyroid is the appearance of hair on the female nipples. In this case, the hormonal background is also broken, which can be determined with the help of testing.


The Extent of Hair Overgrowth in Female Nipples


Each problem has its characteristic. If this is a genetic predisposition, the nipples hair is not very thick. In the case of hormonal changes in the body, the situation can be much worse, especially in the period of pregnancy. The hair on the nipples can have a bright black color, and their quantity increases several times compared with the cause of genetic predisposition. The number and color of nipples hair caused by endocrine changes will depend on the degree of functional disorders of the thyroid.


Methods of Getting Rid of Hair on the Nipples



Before choosing a method for eliminating breast hair, it is necessary to determine the cause of this problem. For this, it is essential to pass hormonal background tests, which will show the presence or absence of problems inside the body. If the hair is not a consequence of serious diseases, then it is possible to start battling with this nuisance with the help of some cosmetic manipulations and procedures:


The most traditional and common way to get rid of the problem at home is to use tweezers. However, using this method, you will save yourself from hair for a short time. The thing is that after removing a hair with tweezers, the hair follicle remains intact. Moreover, over time, the hairs may begin to grow into the skin. You can prevent this process by using a moisturizing scrub or steaming the skin in the bathroom before carrying out the procedure.


Get rid of the hair on your breast with a special epilation cream. However, the duration of the effect will not last longer than using tweezers. Also, this method is not suitable for those women, who have allergic reactions. It is necessary to be extremely cautious in the process of applying the cream, and it is strictly forbidden contact with the nipple itself. The cream is used exclusively pointwise to the hair growth area.


A rather safe and effective method of removing breast hair is the use of a special sugar paste. With the regular execution of sugaring, the amount of hair decreases with time. 


The most effective way to get rid of a common the problem is to visit a cosmetology center where you will be offered to remove hair using laser hair removal. Only one or two sessions are enough to get rid of the problem forever.


One of the types of hair removal is photoepilation. However, this type of cosmetic procedure is allowed only after a qualified consultation with the mammalogist.


Remember, in the case when hair growth on the nipples in women is caused by hormonal disorders, you should not self-medicate. The correct decision is the consultation of a qualified specialist, who will solve the problem from the inside. Also, the doctor will help to choose a proper way of hair removal.