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How Do Breast Augmentation Creams Work?

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The present-day market offers a huge choice of remedies for breast augmentation. Such a great variety may confuse a woman who has decided to make her bust more voluptuous with the help of special creams. Not all of the remedies available on the market are equally effective. Which cream is the best?


Many women are rather skeptical about such remedies and consider them fraudulent. However, quite a different opinion is facilitated by those ladies who have given a try, for example, to the Naturaful breast augmentation cream. This remedy consists of natural components that act complexly, providing both an increase in the bust size and a general improvement in the state of the woman's health. The breasts are augmented due to the growth of glandular tissues under the influence of phytoestrogens, which are plant analogs of female sex hormones.


Phytoestrogens improve the blood flow in the mammary glands and intensify the metabolism, as the result of which the breast tissues receive additional nutrition. Phytohormones are quickly absorbed into the skin; under their influence, the receptors begin to produce glandular tissue. The woman's breasts plump up, becoming larger, more voluptuous and curvaceous.


The nutritional composition of the Naturaful cream produces a beneficial effect on the breast skin, making it soft, velvety and supple. Women note their mammary glands swell, just like before menstruation. However, the breast size achieved with the help of the cream retains instead of bouncing back after a while.



Why Are Creams Better Than Pills?



Creams produce a localized effect on the part of your body that needs to be corrected. When you apply Naturaful on your breasts, you can safely expect them to grow larger. All the useful components of the remedy are absorbed very quickly, stimulating the relevant processes in the body part to which you've applied the cream.


advantages of breast augmentation creams


 The advantages of breast augmentation creams


    • A sparing effect on the woman's body: the remedy affects nothing but the breasts;

    • The product is composed of nothing but herbal components;

    • Simple and easy to apply: any woman can use the solution without anyone's assistance;

    • The opportunity to augment the bust by 2-3 sizes over a short period without the need to resort to plastic surgery;

    • Continuous application of the product makes the breast skin silky;

    • The cream serves as a prophylactic of problems that affect the mammary glands;

    • Thanks to the soothing natural components, the remedy helps to alleviate pain during the PMS period and stabilizes the woman's emotional state.


Also, the remedy's composition contains ingredients that enhance the sexual sensations. Many women note they felt special sexual energy after using the cream continuously. Perhaps, not only the herbs are the reason for this. It's an open secret that larger breasts boost the woman's confidence.


Pills work more complexly: their ingredients are absorbed in the stomach, get into the blood and affect the whole body. That's why tableted remedies have so many contraindications. After all, it's impossible to predict how your body will respond to a particular ingredient. Breast augmentation pills are not always as effective as creams.


With that, experts recommend resorting to a complex therapy, which involves reinforcing the effect of the cream with tablets and vice versa. However, you should approach the choice of oral remedies very great care. Do not forget to consult with your doctor. Sometimes the composition of tablets includes substances that are not recommended during menopause or for certain diseases. Never buy a remedy which a neighbor or colleague has suggested to you. First of all, you need to get familiar with the product's composition, check whether it's certified, and read reviews on the Internet.



How to Use The Naturaful Cream?



How to Use The Naturaful Cream?


You should apply the cream in cycles that last 3-4 weeks, making short breaks.

The product's composition contains a hormone that incites the production of glandular tissues. You need to make sure the effect of phytohormones on your body is dosed. According to the recommendations of the manufacturers of the Naturaful cream, you should apply the cream daily, by lightly rubbing it on the breasts.


For effect to be more rapid, you can also massage the mammary glands lightly. This way, the cream is evenly distributed on the skin. It promptly starts to stimulate the formation of glandular tissue. Do not rub the cream in the nipples, so that it does not penetrate the milk ducts – the product is intended for localized external use. After several weeks of using the remedy, it's recommended that you temporarily switch to a regular breast care cream. After a break of 1.5 weeks, you can continue the course.



What Does The Naturaful Cream Consist Of?



The developers of Naturaful created the ideal formula of the remedy as a result of many years of research, taking into account all the peculiarities of the female body. They considered the high sensitivity of the female skin in the area of the mammary glands. Also, the creators of Naturaful made sure the cream provides a soothing effect, has a decent nutritional aspect, and produces an overall beneficial impact on the female body as a whole.


 The composition of Naturaful:


    • Turnera Diffusa is a wild shrub that has been widely used in medicine in the composition of regenerating remedies and for the treatment of headaches, insomnia, and depression. However, the key property of the plant is its ability to boost sexual arousal.

    • The Dong Quai root is used for the treatment of PMS syndrome, menstrual cramps, and during menopause. This root can also incite the production of estrogens, which is crucial for breast augmentation.

    • Carduus has long been used in medicine as an antiphlogistic and antifungal ingredient. Also, this plant has a beneficial effect on the female mammary glands, contributing to their augmentation.

    • The Taraxacum root is a kind of sorbent that cleanses the breast skin from toxins. Also, the root contains phytoestrogens that facilitate breast growth.

    • Oat Bran gives a boost to the woman's immune system, remove free radicals from the body, ensures a healthy hormonal balance throughout the body.

    • Dioscorea Villosa is frequently included in the composition of breast augmentation remedies. It also produces a beneficial effect on the skin, relieves menstrual cramps, and enhances the female libido.

    • Tussilagofarfara is a plant ingredient that relieves tension and makes the breast skin soft and silky.



What Does The Naturaful Cream Consist Of?


The cream also contains Leonurus, Piper methysticum, and Sabal. These botanical ingredients incite the production of estrogen – the hormone responsible for the formation of glandular tissues in the bust.



Which Cream Is Better: Naturaful, Total Curve Or Perfect Woman?



The Total Curve cream gel also consists of natural components that contain phytoestrogens.


 Its composition includes:


    • Nasturtium officinale;
    • Fagopyrum esculentum leaves;
    • Foeniculum seeds;
    • Humulus;
    • Black Cohosh Root.


The product is quickly absorbed into the skin; it gives a boost to the female libido and improves the woman's overall state of health. As the auxiliary components, the gel contains glycerin, purified water, and a complex of preservatives. The last item on this list is the bad apple that spoils the whole barrel. After all, any preservative is essentially a potentially harmful chemical.


Therefore, the safety of the Total Curve cream is only relatively. No research has been conducted to find out what is the impact of these preservatives on the female body. The remedy's effectiveness is quite high: several months of treatment are capable of augmenting the breasts by several sizes.


The Perfect Woman cream takes effect by enhancing the blood flow in the breasts. As a result, the mammary glands swell and become visually larger. However, this effect is temporary: once the blood circulation bounces back, the breast return to their normal size. However, if you apply the product regularly, the new size will retain. Keep in mind that such a product is not recommended to every woman. The blood flow enhancement may negatively affect the health of those women who have arterial pressure issues. The remedy's composition also includes plants containing phytoestrogens, which enhances the overall effect.


Among these creams, Naturaful stands in a favorable light, for it is a safe and natural remedy. It has no contraindications and side effects and contains no preservatives. The results obtained during treatment stay with the woman forever.



How Long Until I See The Results?



How Long Until I See The Results?


To achieve a result that is stable and stays with you forever, you should go through 3-4 courses of treatment, each lasting 2-3 weeks. Continuous application of the cream will make your breasts much more voluptuous. Those women who expect their breast size to change right after the first application of the cream are in for a disappointment. The lady needs to be patient and understand that the formation of breast tissues is a long natural process.



What Is The Opinion Of Women Who Have Tried Naturaful, Total Curve, And Perfect Woman?



These remedies are manufactured by reputed American brands that have already earned the trust of buyers. You can read the feedback and reviews of the creams on profile forums and the official websites of the manufacturers. In general, all these creams have positive user reviews.


Women point out that you need to apply the products regularly, take cues from your body and be patient. The first results become noticeable after a week of daily application. The user is recommended to keep a record of all obvious transformations of the mammary glands. Using a tailor's meter, you should measure your bust size weekly and write down the results. Keeping records will serve as an effective motivator.


Mammologists also have a positive opinion on the Naturaful, Total Curve and Perfect Woman creams. Of course, doctors recommend that you consult with a specialist before buying any of these remedies. They also advise taking breast augmentation pills alongside with the regular application of the cream for a faster and more stable effect. In general, these products have proven themselves both among women and among doctors.



Are There Any Side Effects?





Remedies consisting mainly of herbs and roots rarely have side effects. You should focus on the individual sensitivity of your body. For example, a woman who is allergic to dandelions should not take risks and use a remedy containing this ingredient. Also, it's important to use the breast augmentation products in moderation. If you approach the application of creams with excessive enthusiasm, it can oversaturate your body with phytoestrogens, which is undesirable. Therefore, doctors recommend taking small breaks (1.5 weeks) between courses of treatment. During the break, the hormones in your body will bounce back to the average level.


If you have noticed red spots or blisters on your breasts after applying the cream, you should quickly remove the product from the skin and contact your doctor. Of course, you should refuse from further use of the cream.



What Is The Best Place To Buy Breast Augmentation Creams?



If you've decided to resolve the problem of small breasts with the help of creams and gels, make sure to approach the choice of a seller with extreme care. You can never buy high-quality products in underground passages or stalls. Licensed creams are sold on official websites or in pharmacies. Also, certified products of this kind are implemented by official distributors. Do not put your health at risk – refrain from thoughtlessly buying breast augmentation creams from questionable sellers that cannot provide quality certificates and know little about the product they offer.


Always address matters concerning your health with great consideration and prudence. Such a rational approach will result in a splendid bust, the voluptuous shape of which will bring joy to you and your partner.