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Dr. Valerie El-Chaar
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Gynecologist (OBGYN)

Valentra for Women – An overview




Many people juggle responsibilities like jobs, elderly parents, and children that lead to stress and a lowered libido. To help people lead fulfilled lives, pharmaceutical companies offer medications and other products. Valentra is one such product – available in cream form; this safe formula is designed to enhance a woman’s libido. All the ingredients are natural, pure and tested for safety.  Applied to the vaginal area, it provides effective clitoral stimulation and enhances sexual pleasure. It is a potential solution for the lack of sex drive in women. Approved by the FDA, it is a great aid for women to enjoy sex again and have a good life.


All about Valentra


Valentra cream has 3 essential ingredients – Wild Yam, Damiana and Peppermint leaves. Each of these ingredients works on different parts of the nervous system. Damiana helps in calming and relaxing the mind. Wild Yam is well known for its ability to enhance sexual drive and pleasure. Peppermint helps in increasing alertness and works as an excellent aphrodisiac.  


Valentra is made entirely of certified organic products – users can be assured that they get the purest products. The best part of the product is that it works fast – under 2 minutes. It is very easy to use – just follow manufacturer’s instructions and experience the results.


Experiencing results


Valentra cream


The length of time will depend on an individual. Most women who use Valentra find that results get better each time they use the cream. What makes Valentra ideal for use is that it is a water based product and also pH balanced. It offers the following benefits:


  1. Boosts a woman’s sex drive and libido;
  2. Increases clitoral sensitivity immediately;
  3. Enhances lubrication naturally;
  4. Restores intensity in sex;
  5. Improves sex life;
  6. Leads to unbelievable orgasms for every user.


The Verdict on Valentra


As with any product, the results are bound to be mixed. It works fast for some and slowly for others.  All in all, the majority of users find the product very efficient and are happy that it is available for use.  Many women have said that their sexual experience was very heightened, and they had wild orgasms. Many who otherwise swore off sex now want to do it more, thanks to Valentra. 


There is no doubt that the pharmaceutical companies are now sitting up and taking notice of the fact that there aren’t enough effective products catering to women. Valentra sexual enhancement cream for women is one of the best products to hit the market in recent years. It is an easy and efficient way to enhance one’s libido without too much of hassles. This is because of its availability in cream for. This product could well be responsible for saving many relationships that would have otherwise failed.

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It is really effective and starts working after a few minutes


I couldn't reach an orgasm, so I refused to have sex with my boyfriend. When I tried Valentra I was able to reach climax! I've used it 6 times and everytime it worked.

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