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Money back: 67 days
Success rate: 95 %
First results: 7 days
Max results: 60 days
Approved by: Adam Smith M.D.
Expert rating: 10/10
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A quick note from Dr. Helena Hampton (pHd) Provestra is a herbal blend that uses all the female libido boosters to produce fast and stabe results Helena is a Clinical Sexologist
Adam Smith M.D.
Detailed review of Provestra

American Academy of Phalloplasty Surgeons Association for Male Sexual Dysfunction American Board of Urology

What is Provestra?


Since our review was passed in 2017, we have tested this product and we've had hundreds of customer reviews published. It does really work because it is a herbal blend of high quality ingredients.



Provestra is a natural supplement formulated to increase female libido, sex drive, and energy and to improve the sex life. Provestra also helps women improve their sexual performance, recover sexual interest, to combat stress and depression, balance hormones in the body, cope with fatigue and aging — improving women's overall health and ensuring an unbelievable sex experience. You can use Provestra to treat vaginal dryness and increase natural vaginal lubrication.


The supplement is produced by the Leading Edge Herbals Company which dominates in sales of female enhancement products.


What are the Ingredients of Provestra?


Provestra is a 100% natural, safe and powerful blend of useful and effective herbs, extract and botanicals:


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  1. Black cohosh root — has been used to cure premenstrual syndrome, painful menstruation, symptoms of menopause;
  2. Damiana leaf — a herb found in Mexico, Central and South America, used to boost libido and improve sexual energy and drive;
  3. Ginger root — a well-known spice and a supplement used to lower blood sugar, cholesterol, and decrease pain;
  4. L-arginine — an amino acid stimulating the blood flow to your genitalia and intensifying sexual sensations;
  5. Licorice root — helps balance female hormones and increases fertility;
  6. Red raspberry leaf — a herb improving the reproductive system;
  7. Valerian root — helps combat stress, depression, anxiety and insomnia, and relaxes your body.


This mix of well-proportioned, effective and safe herbs is the best way to improve your sexual health and make sex a great pleasure.


Is Provestra Effective? Does it Work?


1 month

2 months


Increased sexual drive and body arousal



Increased vaginal lubrication, more regular periods


3 months

6 months


Improved sexual sensations, a reduction in hot flashes, more energy



Regular, pleasurable orgasms, fewer mood swings and less irritability


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Some women report that they have noticed the first enhancement results in as little as seven days. But you should remember that natural ingredients need some time to accumulate and start acting. So it is recommended to use the supplement for at least 30 days to see higher results. As women have different body chemistry, the results may vary.


Does Provestra Have Side-Effects?


No side effects are reported. However, some women who have taken Provestra discover an additional advantage: an increase in breast size.


How to Purchase Provestra


You can purchase the supplement online by visiting its official website. The company offers a 67-day money back guarantee which is a plus. You can choose the shipping option: FedEx, DHL or UPS. All shipping and handling fees are automatically added to your cart. You will receive your order in a discreet package, so no one will know what is inside. No embarrassment and no waste of money!

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Provestra Advantages


Doctor approved


  1. 100% natural and safe ingredients;
  2. No side effects;
  3. Higher libido, sex drive and energy;
  4. Better sensitivity;
  5. Additional vaginal lubrication;
  6. More powerful and intense orgasms;
  7. Higher sex satisfaction;
  8. Improved sexual health and life;
  9. Prescription-free;
  10. Money back guarantee;
  11. Discreet package.

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Bottom Line


Based on the facts mentioned above, we do recommend Provestra for women who want to improve their sex performance and  reach new heights. With Provestra, you will feel all  the benefits sex can offer you. Besides, you have nothing to lose: you will receive your money back (67-day guarantee) if you are not satisfied with the results. It is worth trying!


As an option, women can also choose HerSolution which also works perfectly and is a bit cheaper than Provestra. If you're looking for where to buy this supplement, visit the official site to make a purchase. It does not matter where you live  in Canada, Australia, India, UK, South Africa or New Zealand  you can still make an order and receive your package in your country. Provestra is not available in stores, so make sure you're ready to buy it online.


Special offer
25% discount code: "SANTA25" Click here
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After I had given birth to my second child, my libido gone. It was causing a real problems with my sexual life. But thanks to Provestra, I'm ok now and fell completely happy.


I tried different female libido enhancement pills. But they didn't work for me. Then I decided to try Provestra but also was skeptical about it. But what was my surprise when these pills really did their work! I want to buy another bottle.


I had a low libido but after taking Provestra in increased a lot, also my orgasms become more powerful


This is a really good and effective product


Provestra definitely improved my libido. I would buy it again!


Than you for the advice, theonlyfemalepill. I'm here to share my story about Provestra. I have 3 kids and I'm a housekeeper, I do not have time to please my husband. I need a special atmosphere to relax and have sex. Provestra is here to help in my situation. It gives me more sexual arousal than I've ever had.


is good for radical hystrectomised women ?


I've tried different pills and enhancement creams, but only Provestra has worked as claimed. I mean, this pill helped me to get back my sexual desire. This is something amazing, it does not card how tired am I, or occupied with my home work. I want sex now! Really, this pill is amazing. I have done a 6 months course. But 3 months is enough to feel the difference and get the sexual desire you want


Finally, I've got my first vaginal orgasm in the age of 28. I'm very pleased to say that provestra has worked for me after 30 days. I've never had a vaginal orgasm before, so I feel so confident and happy. I would recommend this pill to anyone now


What can I say about Provestra? This pill has helped my wife to improve her sexual desire. I have bought this pill for her and asked hard to take those supplements on a daily basis. It was my idea to use pills and I'm happy that my wife is horny now

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