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Comparison of the Breast Actives and Total Curve Breast Pills

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Breast Actives


Nowadays, any woman can magnify her breasts either using surgery (read more - plasticsurgery) or with the use of special bras. However, the first option involves having to pay a tidy sum and risk your health. As you know, any surgical interference in the human body always entails a risk of complications. In the second case, your deception will be exposed as soon as you proceed to intimacy. You should know there is a much safer and more effective method to increase your breasts: the special remedies for breast augmentation.



Breast Actives



 This innovative remedy consists of the following components:


    • Laminaria;
    • Chinese Angelica;
    • Pacific root;
    • Dandelion root;
    • Fennel seeds;
    • Trigonella foenum-graecumand;
    • Vitamin E.


It also contains beneficial micro-elements and L-tyrosine. The latter promotes the production of the hormones responsible for the muscle mass growth.



 Altogether, these elements allow achieving the following impressive results:


    • Breast size augmentation;

    • Taut and elastic skin;

    • Preservation and restoration of the breast shape;

    • A favorable complex effect on the female body as a whole.


The remedy should be used in conjunction with the ointment of the same name. You should take one pill a day for a month. As for the cream, you should apply it to your chest every morning, gently massaging the corresponding areas.



Total Curve Breast Enhancement Pills and Cream



Total Curve


 This remedy contains many nutrients and antioxidants, as well as natural ingredients:


    • Thistle;
    • Buckwheat;
    • Fennel;
    • Turnera Diffusa leaves;
    • Wild Yam root;
    • Cohosh root;


Such a composition makes the breasts healthier, reduces the PMS symptoms, strengthens blood vessels and capillaries, cuts down the risk of diabetes and heart diseases. Total Curve will restore the youthful shape of your breast, make the skin softer and more elastic, and strengthen the female body as a whole.

If you compare these two breast enlargement pills, you will find out that Breast Actives is recommendable to those women who want to make their breasts larger, while Total Curve is the recommendation for those who want to restore the youthful shape of their breasts and strengthen their immune system. Worth noting, both remedies are safe for the female body, and their ingredients are approved by the FDA. However, make sure you buy tablets and ointments from official distributors.