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So who has the bigger libido? Who has the bigger sex drive? Men or women? Probably did not have to think very hard about that because it is pretty obvious from interacting with men, that they have a larger sex drive. A man’s libido is much stronger than a woman’s. However when it comes to what triggers a woman’s libido, that is really interesting. Let’s dive into the male sex drive versus the female sex drive.

A majority of men think about sex more often than women. Men tend to be a lot more straightforward and avid about their sexual conquest. And they like to have a variety of sexual partners.

There is the really interesting study where they took a group of women and a group of men. And they showed them pornographic material. They asked the men what they were aroused by, and they asked the women what they were aroused by. But they also attached devices to both genitalia to gauge them arousal level. The male reaction was pretty typical. Straight men said they were attracted to male-female and female-female and that the device backed this up. Homosexual men say they were attracted to a man on man porn, and the device is backed that up as well. Now straight women said they were attracted to male-female porn, but the device is connected to the genitalia said they were aroused by male-female, female-female, and male-male. So in this study while the man had higher sex drives, women sex drive, their libido was a lot less rigid.


Because of the fluidity of the sex drive a woman it is also more easily influenced. Women’s willingness to perform certain actions changes over time whereas with men it was shown not to be so. And women’s decisions about sex were influenced by peers. So again men’s sex drives are larger but women’s are more open once you get them going.

I heard a really awesome quote “desire originates more between the ears than between the legs”.

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