How To Treat Acne In a Natural Way

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Acne is a very common skin problem. However, a good thing to know is that this issue can be treated very easily. What product to use against acne mainly depends on the skin type, because some treatments show better results than others based on the type of skin. Today there are many different products for treating acne out there, but medicines can often be expensive. Anyhow, you need to understand that acne appears in all people and they are not something that can be eliminated forever. The key is to regulate the acne outbreak, and often they appear because of living a certain lifestyle or as result of some hormonal changes in the body. Also, too much dirt, oil, or dead skin cells can lead to clogging of your pores, which will result in the appearance of acne.

The following are several ways of treating acne naturally.

One common treatment is by using egg whites. The egg white has shown excellent results in removing the layer of oil on people`s faces, and it can also firm the skin. All you have to do is to use beaten egg whites as an application to your face for about twenty minutes. Your skin will be much healthier afterward.


Treatment with egg yolk is also efficient because egg yolks have Vitamin A and other helpful skin nutrients. Apply it on your face, leave it for fifteen minutes, and then cleanse well. Your skin will be refreshed and clean.

Lemon juice is another effective natural method for treating acne. It can be used as a toner for your skin. Apply the juice on your face and leave it for twenty minutes. Lemon juice efficiently will clean all dead skin cells, oil, as well as dirt from your face. However, lemon juice should not be used very often because it has high acidity levels and can make your skin very sensitive.

Treatment with honey is also a good natural way for removing acne. Honey has antibacterial properties, so it can be used for skin rejuvenation and for removing dead skin cells. Apply a little bit of honey to the spots where you have acne, and let the honey dry out overnight. You will notice the following day that the acne will either disappear or become a lot smaller. Honey can also be used for making a mask for skin care. Keep the honey mask for around one hour, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the benefits that honey provides to your skin.


Brown sugar is another great method. Use it for massaging your face, and the sugar will help you remove your dead skin cells, as well as eliminate dirt and oils that fill in your pores. Even after just one use your skin will look refreshed and smoother.

Garlic can help in deflating the acne. Garlic does not harm your skin at all, so you can use it as much as you want and need. Crush a couple of garlic cloves and rub them on the acne spot for about five to ten minutes. However, do not use it very long to avoid burning your skin.

Treating acne with peppermint is another effective method for reducing the swelling of your acne. Peppermint has anti-inflammatory properties, so the best thing to do is to crush leaves of mint and apply them on your face. Leave them on your face for ten to twenty minutes, and then rinse with water.

You can use special creams that were designed to treat acne. We want to recommend you Dermology Acne Treatment.


Treatment with ice may be one of the less used ways, but it has shown great results in removing dirt and dead skin cells. Your pores need to be frozen for that, so wrap a few ice cubes in a cloth and massage the affected spots on your face for around ten minutes. Then wash your face with water and apply skin toner to finish the process of cleansing.

Toothpaste has also shown positive results in removing acne, but it must not contain gels, and it needs to be white. Apply a bit of toothpaste on your acne before you go to bed, and you will see the good results in the morning.

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