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Let’s talk about the female sex drive. There is some new diagnosis the doctors use, but it just comes down to a lack of libido or a lack of sex drive. We have got hypoactive sexual disorder meaning that you do not have as much of libido as we would expect or as other women do. There is a female sexual arousal disorder. These are just labels.

What is the real problem? It’s not that you have a disease that takes away female libido. What happens is for some reason either a hormonal imbalance or some other physical reasons. You don’t have the sex drive, or maybe you have the sex drive, and you can’t enjoy sex because of the pain or problems. So what can you do? If you are a little bit anemic, that can affect sex drive.

Other things in your blood chemistry can indicate certain disorders and problems in the body that are going to affect you.  Remember, you have to be healthy to have a healthy sex life. If you are prone to diabetes or for pre-diabetic that is going to affect your ability to enjoy sex as a female.


If you are smoking, you are going to be affecting circulation and blood flow.

So there are certain things you have to do in taking care of yourself so that you can enjoy sex to its fullest extent.

Alcoholism, drug abuse, a lot of medications that women use can directly affect sexual desire.

We want to talk about whether or not women have the desire for sex, but also if they can enjoy sex physically. Because many physical problems affect your enjoyment of sex. It has to be comfortable. It has to be something that arouses you. It shouldn’t just be a mechanical performance.

There is something doctors refer to as post-baby coolness or postpartum depression. It is sure that your sex drive is giving much less after you’ve delivered a baby. But for most women sex drive does return not long after giving birth. If it doesn’t return, there are things you can do. Even some behavioral therapy can help.

postbaby coolness

Certain prescription drugs, especially tranquilizers can affect sexual drive in the female. Also, a lot of the antidepressant drugs directly affect hormones and neurotransmitters in a way that is going to lower sex drive. It would also make it often cannot get aroused easily and quickly and have as much fulfillment and sex as she might have if her body were working correctly.

prescription drugs

Certain drugs such as antipsychotics and some of the antidepressants can stop women from reaching orgasm. Now, most women are capable of getting to the orgasm of they are healthy, but there are certain drugs and even certain things and foods that can stop you from reaching orgasm. It is a biological process that the body has been interrupted.

In many times, women have hormonal abnormalities. You can have lowered the number of androgens; you can have active hormones such as testosterone because of a sex hormone binding globulin.  It seems that insulin affects a sex drive. Any hormone is interacting with other hormones and can affect the function of your body. And if we affect function, we affect your sex drive or affect your sexual enjoyment.

We also have to consider a lot of things such as stress. This is all going to play into a women’s enjoyment of sex.  We have to realize that stress can affect hormone levels, just kind of perfect body function. Stress can cause different set points to change, can cause the body to adapt. We can adapt in a good way or a bad way.  If you’re under stress enough of the time, it can cause damage to neurons. That’s mean you are not going to feel things as well; you are not going to be aroused mentally because the stress did a physical damage.


So distressing cause the hormones to be imbalanced, it can cause damage to the nervous system, it can cause damage to the circulation system. It means that your body cannot function sexually, so you need to do a lot of things in the way of health to have sexual health.

You can just not eat right, not exercise and expect that sex will just happen enjoyably. Women out there have to take care of themselves. It is not just for appearances either; it is for actual sexual function, sexual enjoyment, sexual arousal.

So if you have a woman cannot reach orgasm, cannot be aroused, do not enjoy sex then you are losing out on the whole experience. So take care of your health, get your body functioning better. Use female sex enhancement products, like Vigorelle lotion for female libido.

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