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Today I want to talk about birth control pills. I want to talk about how they affect sex drive.

Birth control pills are currently used by 80% of females out there. In fact, 80% of women in the US since 1945 have used birth control pills for controlling pregnancy. So it is a real problem thing in childbearing years to use this. This is very convenient. We have to understand that it is probably the most convenient thing that women can use to avoid pregnancy. But it also has some problems of its own.

First of all, we talk about hormones, and we talk about using bioidentical hormones. There are no bioidentical birth control hormones; we have to use synthetic hormones for the birth control pills. So there are some problems with using these non-identical hormones as opposed to what we can do is something that is closer to what occurs in female’s body. That can cause problems such as decreased sex drive.


The birth control pill helps the woman avoid pregnancy by controlling the cycle of ovulation. It stops a woman from having ovulation, or an egg occurs so they can’t be fertilized, and so we can stop pregnancy from occurring.

But with the use of birth control pills we find a high incidence of loss of sex drive, in other words, we find a high incidence of loss of enjoyment of sex. Many women just have sex to please the man, and they don’t do it for their enjoyment. They just do it because perhaps they feel that it is their duty. And a lot of women missed out that the birth control pill could be the reason that they’re not enjoying sex.

It can have to do with not being able to lubricate, the vaginal opening, it can have a lot to do with not being able to have the hormonal balance that gives you the pleasure.


So if you’re going to use the birth control pills, you have to keep in mind that this could be part of the problem. First of all birth control pills decrease the number of androgens. So testosterone and hormones that cause you to have the sex drive and will lubricate the vagina and make sex more enjoyable are reduced by the estrogen.

The other thing that estrogen does is it increases the amount of what called sex hormone binding globulin. Now this SHPG binds to hormones especially testosterone and doesn’t allow the testosterone to work. So it’s almost just like not making enough, you don’t have enough available or inactive.

So these 2 things either not making enough or having it bound to something that makes it inactive means that you don’t have enough the hormones that are going to give you sex drive. So that there’s a direct effect there.

Some recent studies showed that women on birth control pills have a very decreased sex drive. They still engage in sexual activities, and some women can still enjoy it. But probably for most women, if not all, that enjoyment and that need to initiate sex are reduced by the fact that they’re on the pill.

Low libido in women

The real problem is not only the loss of sex drive but the fact that they are now seeing some permanent changes. So you get on the birth control pill for a short time, and then you get off. And in the past, it was assumed that once you get off the birth control pill, you would return to the same point. But what we’re finding with many medications and many other things that we do with the human body is the body changes along with what you do to it. So set points change the body adapts to the situation. In other words, you’re on the birth control pill, and then you get off, your body doesn’t return to where you were, your body in a sense stays where it is.

So this loss of sex drive and this inability to enjoy sex is almost the permanent alteration the body can return in time hopefully. But they’re finding more and more that there are some permanent changes.

The same occurs with the other hormones, and the same occurs with other medications. The body adapts and becomes dependent, and it becomes a somewhat permanent change.

So be a little bit careful with birth control. Realize that you may be a permanently altering your sex drive, sexual performance and your sexual enjoyment. To increase sex drive and libido, you can take female sex enhancement pills like Fematril. It is all-natural, so you haven’t afraid of side effects.

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    I really didn’t think that birth controll pills may have such negative side effects. Thanks for useful information

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