Low Sex Desire In Female And How To Treat It

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Researchers assess that half of all women from the age of 20 to 65 have felt low libido. There is a psychological component, and I will discuss it. But a lot of physiologic factors can be overpass help you increase your sex drive.

Now, what are the roadblocks on the libido highway? Well:

  • Hormone imbalance,
  • Anxiety and anxiety meds,
  • Depression,
  • Hot flashes. It is difficult to feel sexy when you are flashing or having night sweats;
  • Vaginal dryness,
  • Hysterectomy being started on synthetic hormones,
  • Birth control pills. Did you know that they lower testosterone levels?

Women have the low sexual desire, not because of the low estrogen, but low progesterone levels or low progesterone-estrogen ratio. But how progesterone relates to libido? Well, when a woman has ovulation her progesterone levels are increased and at that time sex drive is raised. That is to ensure that you will be susceptible to procreation. Progesterone is a pro-creation hormone.


And low libido could be restored in about three months and sometimes less. By the way, women have said that using progesterone kind of makes the guy across the room looks a little better. Well, that will help.

Now, are you wondering about testosterone? Well, I suggest you try DHEA. Doctors would often prescribe testosterone to enhance the female sex drive. And it can work. But if it is used too heavy strength or for a too long period, it can contribute to liver damage. So the great news DHEA is proven to improve testosterone levels. An as its bonus, DHEA improves energy and helps burn that infamous belly fat.


They advise doses 10-25 mg per day, and it can geminate levels in some people. And by the way, men who take DHEA inform feeling better about half an hour after they take the dose of DHEA.

Tribulus Terrestris. Big word for a wonderful supplement. Studies show that Tribulus Terrestris taken for just five days can elevate testosterone levels. Results are not immediate and women you should wait about 40 to 50 days to see the effects. But Tribulus Terrestris, remember that.

To increase female libido, you can also try female sex enhancement pills like Provestra. They have been proven to enhance sexual desire.

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