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Holly Thacker, MD, obstetrician, and gynecologist talk about low sex drive in women.

One of the most common concerns that women present to their health care provider with related to the female sexual function are concern about their sex drive, having a low libido or low sex drive.

Now the purpose of the sex drive is to encourage reproduction. So in general younger, reproductively aged women have a higher sex drive. So for many patients in their forties and fifties and beyond who visit me and they think they have a problem with low libido I want to ask several questions.

Are they distressed by their sex drive or lack thereof? Because to consider the problem the person has to be distressed by it, first of all.


Next, I want to know about their partner and the relationship with their partner; because many issues related to intimacy are not necessarily medical, biological or hormonal, but they are psycho-social or relationship oriented. So it is very important to have a good relationship and a person that they are attracted to.

Once we get over that hurdle, I then want to find out what their experience with sexual activity is. Because if it is positive, and they get pleasure from the activity, and once they are involved in sexual activity, they think “This is great, why don’t I do this more often.” Then I reassure them that they are perfectly normal and that many women, unlike maybe males, don’t spontaneously think “Oh, I want to have sex.”

They may not think that they want to become involved in sex but because they want to be close with their partner because here are partners interacting with them. And then they become sexually active and reach enjoyment and glad for that sexual activity.

So a lot of women fit into that category and are perfectly normal. And they think they have a problem that they don’t, based on what they are told. But if you have a low sex drive, you can increase it with herbal sex enhancement pills. They are safe because contain only natural ingredients. I recommend you to try Fematril, for example.

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