Longer Sleep Ensures Higher Libido

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Women who are seeking a way to increase their sexual desire and drive are recommended spending more time in bed… sleeping.

A new study suggests that every additional hour of sleep increases the probability that a woman will have a sexual encounter next day by 14 percent. Strong sleep is a women’s ticket to high sexual desire and a healthy interest in sex.

David Kalmbach from the University of Michigan, Sleep and Circadian Research Laboratory, and his colleagues surveyed 171 college-age women. They had to keep their sleep diaries for 14 consecutive days and report on their sexual encounters. Those women who slept for a longer period appeared to have higher libido the next day. An average sleeping time was 7 hours and 22 minutes.

Other studies demonstrated that short sleeping duration and bad sleep quality reduces sexual reaction in women and lowers their interest in sex. As poor sleep can lead to sexual problems, we should pay closer attention to sleep health for women who are suffering from low libido.

Some studies suggest that bad quality of sleep can lead to changes in mood or hormonal imbalance causing sexual desire fluctuations. However, a deeper analysis is required to assess real reasons and define the underlying mechanism.

This study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine sends us a message that strong and healthy sleep plays a significant role almost in every area of our everyday life. It improves our mood, increases energy and concentration, boosts sexual desire and enhances overall health.

The study is one of a few types of research dedicated to exploring the connection between sleeping time and sexual health. But before we make any conclusions, we should study this issue better.

However, neither women nor their partners should avoid a proper amount of sleep. You may help each other promote your sleep duration and quality by reducing workload, planning romantic strolls or making your bedroom a lovely place.

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