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Why are so many women suffering from decreasing libido?


Low libido in women is a huge problem that is affecting millions of women all over the world. It is estimated that 43% of all women are suffering from some sexual dysfunction. In fact, 35% of the evaluated 40 to 50 million women who have problems in sexual life have no or low libido – what the experts call hypoactive sex drive, or HSD for short.

Сommon causes of low libido in women

  • Stress;
  • Pre menopause;
  • Bad diet and low exercise;
  • Depression and anxiety;
  • Depression and said to medicines;
  • problems in your relationship;
  • low self-esteem.

Low libido treatments

First, you need to look at your life, analyze your problem, and then find out what is causing it. After you find out the case, you need to work on fixing the problem.

talk with your partner

It is always good and highly recommended that you have an honest talk with your partner. You should let him know about the problem and ask for help. Your partner is an essential key to helping you to get your libido back.

Sexual enhancement products

Something that can help to get back your libido is to find a good female sexual enhancement product. The market offers you many options for this type of product. You should research each product and find the best one that is the most effective and safe for your body. We can recommend you Climestra.

female sexual enhancement product

A better life

If you suffer from decreased libido do not feel bad or sorry for yourself, many women have the same problems that you do. Try to make a commitment to yourself and find the cause of the problem and the cure for it. Believe in the process, you will not only have better sexual life, everything is in your life is going to boost, and you are going to feel renewed and as happy as you deserve to be.

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