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Boost Your Libido after Menopause

Lack or loss of libido is a common problem causing the lack of desire or energy to have sex. It can have numerous causes such as mental or physical health disorders, stress, and depressions, relationship problems, alcohol or drug abuse, or hormonal problems. But low libido can also be triggered by menopause as its side effect, which 20 to 45 percent of women experience. But today, the market can’t offer any pills that can fight this problem, some lubricants or hormone treatment are used as a remedy. But you should not give up all hope; we have some advice on how you can boost your libido.

Recommendation #1: Keep talking with your husband or partner

When women start experiencing the lack of sexual desire during menopause, they usually fell stressed or depressed, and keep it in secret. As their husbands or partners do not know the core of the problem, they don’t know what to think. It causes quarrels and discrepancies in the relationships.

Communication between a man and woman

Communication is a basic aspect of the relationship between a man and woman. It is important that a couple shares their problems and feelings with each other, discusses them and tries to find the ways out together. When you trust each other, it is easier to overcome your problems, harmonize your relations, and become more intimate. Closer and relaxed relations can be a good reason for boosting your libido.

Recommendation #2: Visit your doctor and consult on antidepressants

Visit your doctor

Menopause and postmenopausal period usually cause the fluctuation of hormones in woman’s body.  It leads to stress, anxiety, depression and mood swings. Antidepressants can help women fight with this disorder, and harmonize your balance and give you pleasure and satisfaction from sex. But it is recommended to visit your doctor and learn which antidepressants are better for use.

Recommendation #3: Use lubricant during your sexual intercourse

Sometimes, women may feel that they want sex, but their body refuses. During menopause, some women can experience pain and unpleasant feelings when infiltrated. It happens. As the level of estrogen is decreased, blood does not come to your pelvis. The walls of your vagina become thinner and thinner reducing the volume of natural lubrication. Therefore, when you use the lubricant, your tissues are recreated, and you feel more intense sexual desire and energy.

You can also use female sex enhancement supplements, for example, Wild Orgasm.

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