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The Federal Drug Administration has approved a female medication that is designed to boost libido and improve sex life in women.  Now, women have an additional option to enhance their sexual function and desire.

What is it?

Flibanserin marketed as Addyi is a pill that can help treat hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) in premenopausal women. In other words, it is a female Viagra. The drug is manufactured by Sprout Pharmaceutical Inc., the company where women know what they need.

Based on a survey, 5.5 million to 8.6 million (or 8 to 14 percent) of American women aged 20 through 49 suffer from HSDD. The clinical trials show that flibanserin helps women increase the number of satisfying sexual events from 2.8 to 4.5 – and this is quite a positive result.

How does the medication work?

Though Addyi is said to be the female Viagra, it works differently. Instead of increasing the blood flow to your genitalia, flibanserin influences brain chemicals, which are associated with mood and appetite. It works similar to antidepressants relieving depression. The medication also reduces serotonin, a chemical that can suppress your desire, and increases dopamine, a chemical associated with appetite.

What are side-effects?

Based on Sprout’s clinical trials, some women experienced some common side-effects, including dizziness, nausea, fatigue, and sleepiness. The Administration also warns that women should not combine this drug with certain types of other drugs, including antifungal medications, and alcohol as such combinations may result in low blood pressure.

How to take the medication?


This drug is designed for daily use if you want to feel the highest improvements. However, you are recommended to stop using Addyi if you see no positive changes in eight weeks.

Flibanserin is prescribed by doctors only. Doctors should examine their patients and diagnose an exact cause of the lack of sexual desire before they make their prescriptions. Addyi may not be an answer to your sexual dysfunction. Low libido can be caused by psychologic or medical problems, which should be treated differently.

If a woman experiences low sexual desire when she has some intimate problems with her partner, you should improve your communication solving your sexual problems.

Low libido may be a symptom of various medical conditions, including endometriosis, thyroid disorders, or fibroids, which require respective treatment. You may also feel the lack of sexual appetite as a result of mood issues caused by painkillers or sleeping aids.

So, Addyi should be the last option to treat low libido and only in premenopausal women who are diagnosed with HSDD – low or no sexual desire that causes stress in women.


How did the FDA approve the Medication?

Flibanserin was submitted for the FDA approval three times. In 2010, the Administration rejected the drug as it considered it too risky. The manufacturer could not provide enough safety proofs at that moment. After the first rejection, the product was sold by Boehringer Ingelheim, the German company, to Sprout Pharmacetical Inc.

In 2013, the FDA recommended carrying out additional trials and determining how the medication would influence car driving. There had been some cases with women fainting after taking flibanserin. It could cause significant injuries and traumas.

And in 2015, Sprout Pharmaceutical in the association with hundreds of women and Even the Score campaign achieved its success – the FDA approved Addyi though with some warnings (see Side Effects).

Experts say that the effect of the medication is moderate. However, an increase in female libido caused by the drug is enough to meet the FDA effectiveness standards.

Where to buy the medication

Flibanserin has been available since October 2015. You should visit your health-care provider to diagnose your condition and, if needed, receive the Addyi prescription.

The medication may be covered by your insurance, and you will pay $35 – $75 for a month supply depending on your coverage terms and conditions.

There are also a lot of other female libido boosters that are worth to try, for example,  Climestra.

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