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Enhancing Your Orgasm

If you have achieved orgasm with your man once, you will desire to experience it again and again. And you should learn your body, its behavior, and reaction so that you can control your sexual satisfaction and climax. Yvonne K. Fulbright, the sexologist, and author of “Sex With Your Ex” states that the better you know your body and its behavior, the quicker you can reach an orgasm. So, we have decided to interview the experts and find out the best O tactics to help you gain the heights whenever you wish to.

1. Find Your Most Sensitive Spots

You should learn your body to speed up orgasms, and the best way to do it is to spend some time alone. Dorian Solot, the sex educator, and co-author of “I Love Female Orgasm,” recommends that you pay special attention to the behavior of your body when you are reaching an orgasm: what spots you are touching, which muscles you are involving, how fast you are moving and what pressure you are applying. Then try to evoke the way of climaxing when you have sex with your man.

It is also important to create a pleasant, relaxing and intimate atmosphere. You can light some candles, turn on some music, use fragrance oils, make a massage or take some deep breaths, or choose a porn film if you like to. You should define the conditions, which work for you and recreate the atmosphere that helps you relax with your partner.

2. Get Yourself Hot Before He Gets Inside

If you want to reach a climax quicker than usual or together with your man, you should spice your body and sensation up. Avoid stress and anxiety the day you have sex, relax your body and mind, think about your man, sex and imagine its hottest details, and keep it doing all the day long. And in the evening, you will be pleased with the result: your body reacts better when you are relaxed both physically and mentally.

You can also use additional stimulation or masturbate, but do not go over the top – stop when you’re on edge and let your partner finish the deal when he comes. You’ll be able to reach an orgasm when he enters your vagina, and both of you will get pleasure and satisfaction.

3. Choose Right Sex Positions to Reach Hot Spots

It is a well-known fact that the clitoris and G-spot in women are main erogenous areas. So, you should know where these spots are and how to reach them quickly. The G-spot is believed to be located 2-3 inches up the wall of your vagina, and you can use your finger to define it exactly. If you want to gain the heights quickly, you should pay more attention to these spots. And here are some sex positions you are recommended to use.

Woman on top position

Woman-on-top is probably the best position for you as the full control is in your hands: you can control the speed, depth, and angle of penetration. Touching his pubic bone will help you stimulate your clitoris and changing the moves will help you get hot more quickly. Bakos, the sex educator, and author of “The Sex Bible” recommends that you move your hips in circles rather than up in down. In this way, you can stimulate your clitoris and hit your G-spot.


Doggy-style is a position that helps you achieve a climax very quickly. And it is true as it ensures deep penetration of his penis into your vagina, and the right angle allows him hitting your G-spot and A-spot. The A-spot is believed to be located above the G-spot, and its stimulation can result in more powerful orgasms. And some say that when you don’t face your partner, it helps relax and pay less attention to the outer world.

Besides, you can involve your pelvic floor muscles to gain the heights – contract and relax them during sexual activity whatever position you choose. When you contract these muscles, you involve your clitoris and vagina and ensure higher friction with his penis. It results in quicker and more powerful orgasms.

4. Increase Your Satisfaction

reverse cowgirl position

To gain the better effect, you should stimulate several hot spots simultaneously. You can ask your man to reach your G-spot with his fingers when he is on top to stimulate you more. Or you can choose the reverse cowgirl position (it allows you are controlling the depth and angle of penetration). In this position, the back wall of your vagina and clitoris is stimulated. Besides, you can stimulate your genitalia to achieve a climax more quickly. And remember that the other parts of your body should also be involved. Let your partner massage or kiss your breasts, neck or abdomen; let him caress you wherever he wishes to. Enjoy your sex and powerful climax!

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