Causes and Treatment for Low Libido in Women

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It is very popular subject, and people are very interested in it, but a lot have not liked to talk about it. We are finding out so many people have low libido, and it is affecting their relationship, lower quality of life. Many things can cause low libido in women including stress, low hormone levels, environmental pollutants, and toxins. It is a major problem, a big one for women is antidepressants. And it gives you a choice whether you want to be depressed or have a libido. It is not a good choice, but there are a lot of therapies that can be done to address low libido in women.

It can be testosterone. It is a male hormone, but it is not just for men.  Yes, it can be given, you go from low normal to high normal levels in men. Also, their libido is back, their sensual being and motivation. Testosterone works well for men but also is a hormone of passion for women.  So getting a little bit of testosterone can boost libido.  Again testosterone is not only in men it is in women as well.  It does not mean to grow a beard and hair grow, but if you have that balance, you can dramatically improve libido and get that passion back.


Other things that can be done, again with synthetic hormones, you want to switch from synthetic hormones to biogenic. The synthetic hormones whether the birth control pills will wipe out your libido for so many women. It does not affect every woman, but that is a significant cause.


Other things that can be done is you can take medications for men like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra. These medication dialing vessels and you can get some improvement in about 25-30%.


Other even natural therapies such as the amino acids, L-arginine can get dilate the vessels, work much like the Levitra or Viagra and help the women with their low libido and low sex drive. You can try natural female sex enhancement pills like HerSolution.

So there are a lot of the epic that can be done. To boost that libido, get the passion back that was lost over the years. It is not something that you have just to accept, but there seems that you can do about it.

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