The Causes Of Low Sex Drive In Women

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The few studies that have been done revealed that 10-50% of women experience issues with female sexual desire. Wide-ranging illnesses, a neurological condition, and medication can cause issues with the women sex drive.

Diseases such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases and neurologic conditions can play a major role.

Medications such as anti-depressants, anti-seizure medications, alcohol and illegal drugs can all contribute to a low sex drive.

The first step that woman with low libido should take is a medical assessment by specialists.


Most sex therapists and educators would agree that a female sex drive is more malleable than that of the males for many reasons. Socio-cultural, situational, and biological factors play a large role in what we call female erotic plasticity. So I would not say that it is a myth that a woman sex drive can change drastically or decrease as she ages as many women do experience this.

However, it is not a predetermined effect in all women. Most menopausal women do experience decrease in sexual desire and sexual arousal. Still, this decline is fairly modest in degree. Other factors such as general health, marital status, and smoking have a larger have a larger effect on sexual desire than does menopausal status.

The psychological effects of aging and menopause on sexuality are also quite diverse. The effective loss of fertility or negative body changes such as reduction in vaginal lubrication and the reduction in the size and firmness of the breasts, for example, can lead to this loss of interest in sex for many women.


How female and male sexual drives can be similar or different? I think they are more similar than we think that they are. They are driven by two things: one would be certainly the hormonal component is what a lot of male sexuality is brought up in something that they talk about, about men’s desire and men’s wanting. There is an overabundance of that in the male body which would be the testosterone. The male hormone that women also make a key component when you are talking about desire.

But on the other end of that, the relationships are also very important part of that. Sometimes for some of the women desire starts outside of the bedroom. And some women will say that their husbands will come home from work and say “honey, can I help you with laundry.” And right there that seems to be foreplay for women. Not all women, of course, but for some of the women that right there their husbands are showing that they want to help them out in ways that do not relay to sex.

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