6 Recommendations to Replace Addyi

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In 2015 (August), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Addyi, known as flibanserin, that helps premenopausal women combat low libido causing stress and depression. Now, women have their medication that can improve their sexual function and increase libido. Now, the Viagra monopoly in the sex industry is broken. The supporters of the drug said that it was a feminist victory.

Flibanserin was approved to treat a hypoactive sexual desire disorder in women. Women who were taking the product reported 0.5 or 1 satisfying sexual encounter every month more than those taking the placebo. However, the first quarter of the sales did not show a high success. Based on November 2015 data, only 227 prescriptions were made in contrast to 500,000 of Viagra when it was released in 1998. Some say that Addyi has been primarily designed for profit rather than for pleasure.

We live in the world where women experience sexual satisfaction less than men do. So, is there any method that can revolutionize the women’s sex world and turn it upside down? Different experts in the area of female sexuality say that any women can increase her libido without any pill. All you need is time and efforts.


Get the detailed sex education: When sex issues are discussed in schools, you usually are explained what can go wrong: sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy, stress or other emotional disorders. This causes that teenagers do not understand that sex can bring pleasure and satisfaction for both men and women. A lot of young people expect that sex is discomfort and pain. We should tell what is good in sex, what should it be and how should you listen to your body. A broader sex education program should explain not only dangerous and unwanted consequences, but describe sexual response and consent.

Meet your clitoris: You should remember that your clitoris is not only the top fleshy part of your vulva. It is a powerful organ beneath your skin that involves 18 parts and undergoes changes in response to sexual stimulation. This is one of the most erogenous zones of your body that is responsible for creating an orgasm and pleasure. Learning how your clitoris is arranged will help you understand what happens during your sexual response and give you more power and control.


Downplay the significance of an orgasm: Yes, a climax is a peak of your sexual pleasure and satisfaction that nourishes your body with sweet and mild weakness. However, when you are focusing on orgasms only, you forget about the process itself. If you concentrate on a sexual encounter and your partner, this may open new opportunities and sensations. Do not make your sex goal-oriented but think about anything good, kiss and touch your partner, breathe deeply and enjoy your sex.

Show your female ego: We should remember that gender roles in the relationship do not display only who we are or what we do – they should show what we are allowed to be. We have often been told that women must protect their relations getting changed and adjusted, meeting expectations and making other people feel comfortable. Women are usually given two options:

  1. To be selfless but compassionate, good, and nice; or
  2. To be selfish but brutal, kindless, and demanding.

This dual nature may prevent women from realizing their true needs. And when it comes to sex, you may lose your freedom and desire. Any women should try her best to discover new alternatives and promote her opportunities. In other words, you should show that you can be selfish but nice and sympathetic at the same time.


Take more medical training: In North America, health-care providers may take three to 10-hour sex training where they will learn how to take sexuality more seriously. When a patient visits his/her doctor with sexual issues, the latter should explain that pain after the first sex is a normal reaction and not a disease, that genitals are healthy and adequate no matter what size and shape they have (unless any problems occur), that a climax during a sexual encounter is rather an exception than a rule.

Freeze your eggs: A lot of unmarried women in their early thirties feel that they are running out of time. While looking for an ideal man, they do not focus on and enjoy their dating, gifts, pleasant moments of the life, etc. Stop for a moment – take a break. If you are afraid that the time is ticking for you, today’s medicine allows you to freeze your eggs and continue enjoying your intimate relationships as they are – your future is secured. You may also try to find “the one” that is younger and full of strength.

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