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Anus Bleaching is an Important Part of Beauty and Well-Grooming

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Anus Bleaching


Regardless of age, a large number of modern ladies dream of being perfect in everything. Beautiful and stylish clothes, fashionable hairstyle, bright manicure, well-groomed skin, and much more. Therefore, today more and more often you can meet adherents of a special procedure for bleaching the anus. In this intimate part of the body, the dermis is saturated with a dark color due to pigmentation, which occurs due to the following reasons:


  1. Hormonal changes in the body;
  2. Friction of the inner thighs of each other;
  3. Rubbing against the fabric of underwear, especially in the case of synthetic fibers, etc.


At least, this shade does not look aesthetically pleasing, and sometimes it can cause misunderstandings in the couple's sexual relations. After bleaching anus, a woman begins to feel more confident not only in bed with her beloved man, but also in everyday life.


In the modern world, there is an inexhaustible number of ways that are used to make the skin light around the anus. Some prefer various kinds of procedures that beauty salons offer them. Other ladies use cosmetic means and methods. However, which way will be one of the most effective and safe? Our today's article will be devoted to this topic.


Traditional Remedies for Anus Bleaching


If you do not have the opportunity to cope with pigmented pots of the intimate area with the help of expensive salon procedures or cosmetics, then folk remedies will come to the rescue:


Parsley mixed with any cultured milk and lemon. Mix freshly squeezed greens and lemon juice in a 1:1 ratio, add two parts of sour cream, kefir or natural yogurt. The mixture must be applied to the dark spots of the anus and left for 10 minutes. Then wash off with warm water. The procedure should be repeated no more than 5 days, then make a 5-day break.


Grate the fresh cucumber and mix the gruel with a nourishing cream 1:1. Wrap the resulting pulp in gauze and attach to pigmented areas for 10-15 minutes.



White clay with the juice of parsley or cucumber. Dissolve the clay with natural juice in a 1:1 ratio and apply a gruel to the area around the anus and after 10 minutes, wash off with warm water or milk.


An effective method of bleaching the anus is the daily wiping of the pigmented zone with a wedge of fresh lemon.


Choose from the above methods the simplest and preferred one.