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Illuminatural 6i
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 Illuminatural 6i


The primary criterion for determining a person's age visually is their skin. That's why it needs special care, especially the facial skin. As we age and become older, there appear deep mimic wrinkles, pigment spots, as well as scars, resulting from teenage pimples and acne. Modern medicine and cosmetology offer a multitude of remedies and methods for combating all signs of skin aging.


One of the most affordable and multi-faceted cosmetic treatments is the Illuminatural 6i serum. Its unique botanical composition is aimed at solving a variety of problems manifested on the skin of the whole body:


  1. Pigment and age spots;
  2. Freckles;
  3. Acne scars;
  4. Darkened skin of elbows and knees;
  5. Birthmarks;
  6. Sunspots;
  7. Melanoderma, etc.


Illuminatural 6i: Advantages


The innovative Illuminatural 6i serum has reached a peak in popularity among residents of different countries worldwide due to its range of positive characteristics:


  1. This natural cosmetic product contains no toxic and harmful components, such as mercury, hydroquinone, steroids, etc.
  2. The remedy's effect smooths out and moisturizes the skin, evening its tone.
  3. The serum's natural composition makes it perfectly suitable for all skin types, regardless of age and nationality.
  4. Safety and high quality of the Illuminatural 6i cosmetic product are confirmed by the results of clinical and dermatological trials.
  5. The serum's application causes no adverse side effects.
  6. The product's affordable price is several dozens or even hundreds of times lower than the cost of high-end cosmetic analogs or medical procedures.


Illuminatural 6i: Composition


 Illuminatural 6i: Composition


The composition of the Illuminatural 6i skin-brightening serum is a well-thought-out mixture of components that have a comprehensive positive effect on the skin:


  1. Niacinamide is a vitamin B actively used in the production of cosmetic skin care products. In addition to brightening up the dermis, it also has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  2. Sodium lactate is a natural component extracted from any sugar ingredient (sugarcane). It whitens the darkened skin areas.
  3. Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate is a vitamin C. It delicately whitens the skin. As a natural antiseptic, this ingredient helps to minimize the presence of harmful microorganisms on the dermis surface.
  4. A component that prevents the formation of pigmented spots.
  5. Alpha-Arbutin is a safe ingredient, the useful effect of which is similar to the dangerous hydroquinone. It is a safe synthetic element that has an exceptionally positive effect on the dermis.
  6. Hydroquinone


Why is Illuminatural 6i Worth Buying for skin discoloration?


The Illuminatural 6i cosmetic serum is a safe and efficient remedy for eliminating various problems manifested on the skin surface. The product has no contraindications, which is why it's perfectly suitable for users of all age categories. If you are looking for a universal remedy, Illuminatural 6i is what you need.


How Long Until a Visible Result of using this anal bleaching cream?


Illuminatural 6i result


An advantage of the Illuminatural 6i anal bleaching cream lies in the fact the first results become apparent after seven days of its regular application to the skin. Moreover, the manufacturer assures: Your skin will become perfectly smooth and healthy in just 28 days after you start using the serum.


Warranty and Delivery


A range of certificates and documents obtained by the results of numerous clinical trials are the guarantee of high quality and effectiveness of the Illuminatural 6i skin-brightening serum. Every potential user of the remedy can get acquainted with the contents of these documents on the manufacturer's official website.


The product's delivery range covers all geographic regions of the world. The clients are free to independently choose whichever courier and transport company is the most convenient for them. The duration of the product's transportation is dependent on the efficiency of the selected transport service company.


Illuminatural 6i and Competitors: Main Comparative Characteristics


Illuminatural 6i doctor recommended


The main distinguishing feature of the existing analogs of Illuminatural 6i is their high price, which makes them unavailable to many people worldwide. On the other hand, the Illuminatural 6i anal bleaching serum comes at an affordable and budget-friendly price, which is achieved through direct cooperation between the end customer and the product's manufacturer. Most competitive skin-whitening remedies contain many harmful synthetic components that can cause cancer. Illuminatural 6i is a mixture of natural ingredients that cause no side effects and positively affect the skin condition.


If you're striving to make the color of your skin light and even, you should experience the positive effect of the Illuminatural 6i whitening serum. The remedy's safe and versatile formula makes it perfectly suitable for all ages and skin types.

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