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Vigorelle cream helps to increase the sexual response that may have been lowered by stress or aging. The Vigorelle formula has a topical effect, but it improves your sexual performance significantly.

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What Is Vigorelle?





Vigorelle  is a natural cream formulated to intensify female sexual sensations and make her orgasms more powerful. The cream is produced by Leading Edge Herbals, a famous pharmaceutical and herbal corporation. Its herbal products have positive reviews.


What Are the Ingredients of Vigorelle?


Vigorelle is a blend of the highest quality ingredients:


Vigorelle Ingredients


  1. L-Arginine — an amino acid increasing libido, sex drive and sensations;
  2. Gingko biloba — increases blood circulation, vasolidation and oxygenation;
  3. Wild yam — stimulates female hormone production and balances them in the body;
  4. Damiana leaf — a well-known aphrodisiac improves the nervous and reproductive systems and increases vaginal lubrication;
  5. Suma root — boosts the immune system, controls the metabolism, and increases estrogens and androgens;
  6. Peppermint leaf — helps the body absorb other ingredients;
  7. Vitamins A, C and E — stimulate tissue regeneration, blood circulation, and act as antioxidants.


How to Use Vigorelle




It is recommended to apply the Vigorelle cream on the clitoris. The ingredients are quickly absorbed and boost the clitoris' sensitivity, and you can experience incredible feelings and multiple orgasms.


Vigorelle ensures an immediate increase in sensations and progressive improvements.


Is Vigorelle Effective?


The women who have used the cream report that they feel an increase in libido, sex drive and energy. Some women can reach orgasm in 15 minutes or so when applying Vigorelle.


The product is completely safe, and customers have reported no side effects.


You can forget about pill schedules and embarrassing questions. Just apply Vigorelle and feel warm sensations and a higher sex drive.


Bottom Line


doctor approved


Vigorelle contains only natural ingredients that cause no harm to your health and their proper proportions ensure sexual enhancement for women. The cream has been approved by doctors (Dr. Carter and Dr. Alzwareg) and bring you great advantage. Besides, the company offers discounts, discreet packaging and a money back guarantee. So you have time to try the cream out first, saving your money.


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I was sceptical about Vigorelle. But it exceeds my expectations. Now I have multiple orgasms, and they become more intense.


I bought Vigorelle for my wife, and now she feels much better during sex. I love to hear that. I would recommend it to everyone


With Vigorelle I get a lot of pleasure from sex


This product help me to solve all my sexual problems


I've never had such powerful orgasms like with Vigorelle. This product really does what it claims


Vigorelle is the fastest female sexual enhancement solution I could find. It's just a cream that you apply on your clitoris and it helps you to get wet faster. After a few minutes you're ready for sex, you get the arosal you need and there's a lot of pleasure

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